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Online Survey Creation Tool

Published 06/14/2012 and rated Ratingstars4 4 out of 5 stars
by Adam Brown
What can you use the app for?

You can use SurveyTool to quickly and easily create online surveys. The surveys can be targeted at social media, employees of your company, and a number of other delivery methods. The app also provides software, tips, templates and other tools to help you create a reliable survey with ease. It can be used to gauge consumer sentiment, test employees moods or to follow reactions to customer service departments, brand awareness and more.

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What is the history and popularity of the app?

San Francisco, California-based SurveyTool was created by Peanut Labs Inc., a company that conducts online surveys as its main business. SurveyTool was originally founded in 2008 with start up capital of more than $3.2 million from BV Capital and Leapfrog Ventures. Peanut Labs was taken over in 2010 by E-Rewards, a Texas-based online marketing research company, for an undisclosed sum. Noman Ali, one of the founders of SurveyTool, was named as Chief Executive Officer after the takeover by E-Rewards.

What are the differences to other apps?

The main difference between SurveyTool and the large number of similar apps out there is the ease with which users can create surveys. SurveyTool has a wide array of templates and advice in many specific areas to help survey creation. From fast food chains to schools and educational institutions to hospitals, SurveyTool has templates and advice for a wide array of industries that can speed along survey creation. The company claims you can go from registration to launching a survey within 5 minutes.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

Although the app is complex in scope, it is fairly easy to start using. Once registered for the Personal, or Free, package, you will be immediately taken to a screen where you can start creating a survey. The app takes you step by step through the process, prompting you to either duplicate an existing survey, create a new one from a template, or upload one from a Word Document you may already have prepared. The app will ask a series of questions about your aims and your business to help in app creation. A simple survey can, as the company says, be created in less than 5 minutes if you have already decided the basics of what you want to acheive with it.

How does the registration process work?

To register, click the Sign Up button in the upper right hand corner of the app's main page. You will be taken to a form where you fill in your name, e-mail address, company name and chosen password. You will then be send a confirmation e-mail with the basic outline of the free version and your account information.

What does it cost to use the application?

SurveyTool comes in Free, Basic, Pro and Enterprise versions. The Basic version allows you to conduct up to three surveys a month with as many as 100 responses to each survey. The Basic package, at a fee of $9 a month, allows 20 surveys a month with 300 responses each. The Pro version, at $24 a month, allows you an unlimited number of surveys and an unlimited number of responses. The app also has an Enterprise version for larger companies that also allows unlimited user accounts and gives you a dedicated account manager. You must contact the company for a quote on the Enterprise version.

Who would you recommend the application to?

The app is great for companies looking for quick, but not necessarily highly detailed, responses to questions of concern. The survey can be used to gauge employee satisfaction, test customer reaction to recently launched products, help improve educational institutions, gather reaction to meals at fast food restaurants and more.

  • Colelct survey data in real time.
  • Receive free survey templates.
  • Carry out surveys through social media.
  • Fast survey creation tools.
  • Monitor employee satisfaction.

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SurveyTool contact details

Telephone: 1-888-706-0898
Postal address:
114 Sansome Street, Suite 950

San Francisco, CA 94104.

SurveyTool pricing

FREE - Permanently free version
Cheapest plan (per month) : $9.00
Most expensive plan (per month) : $24.00




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